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Stop Wasting Your Money and Travel More

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Who wants to spend more than they have to on making it to their next travel destination? Not me! Or you. Here are some tips to save on your next getaway.

Choosing a website to book your flight

Forget booking directly through an airline. Don’t even think about googling your destination and going with the first flight that pops up. Use Apps! Through trial terror, I’ve identified the best apps to use when booking your destination. Our favorite apps are Sky Scanner, Momondo, and Hopper. Another tried and the true booking site is

Flight Apps

The top apps with the greatest results are Skyscanner, Hopper, and Momondo. Take any one of these apps over simply googling your next destination and you can easily save upwards of 50 percent on your next getaway. In order to use the app to its full potential, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, it’s extremely important to break down your trip and look at one-way flights only. This is by far the easiest way to keep your money in your wallet. This simple tip will allow the cheapest fares to populate.

Another advantage of using these apps is that they each contain a price fluctuation chart. This will tell you which days around your suggested travel dates are the cheapest. They can also predict when prices may rise.


Voted the number one website with the cheapest flights. Their vision is to make traveling available to everyone. Their only mission is to save you money and get you out in the world traveling. There are no added fees for using their service. Their website is easy to use and highly functional. A pesky problem many travelers come across is that they search their destination flights and dates repeatedly, causing the site to gradually increase the cost. This is not the case with this moral company. You can search with peace of mind that your trip price will remain the same until booking.


This site is customer service forward. This company is devoted to making vacation fun and relaxed. The nice thing is they always take responsibility for anything that may happen during your trip. We all know that the same customer service is not always found when booking directly through the airline. In addition, they are great at what they do and will save you upwards of 40 percent on your trip by predicting the prices for your travel dates.


At last! Skyscanner is my personal favorite. I’ve used it numerous times without fail. My favorite feature on this app is that you can put in your destination as “Everywhere” and Skyscanner will pull up the ULTIMATE deals just for you. This is great after you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and aren’t sure where to go from there.  Affordable international trips, cheap weekend getaways, and everything in between. There’s NO shortage of deals on this site. This site puts the fun in travel.

Manipulating Apps, Getting the Lowest Price

An important guideline to follow when booking trips are to search your trips one flight at a time or to select “one-way” departures.  This will give you the best option because the computer does not have to factor in a return flight on the same airline with an ideal return time. Breaking this down will give you fares as low as $30 to major cities. Bare fares are the way to go.

Hotel Booking Websites

Our number one tip is not to trust Google to give you the lowest price. At first glance, it appears that Google compares all the top booking websites and gives you the cheapest room rate. This is not true when you think about all aspects of booking. ALWAYS use a website that gives you rewards! The top websites are,, and Each of them contains something special.

This site is all about staying loyal. Go on vacation once or twice, and collect 10 nights. This will reward a free night anywhere, without restrictions. Another great feature is that the free night can be as luxurious as you want. With their unique array of accommodations, you’re sure to find something a little more upscale. Something that sets this site apart is that you can find great deals AND pair those with their “secret price” options. Using more than one discount at a time is not something you see every day. Take full advantage!

The best thing about this site is that it offers more than just hotels. You will also see villas, apartments, hotels, treehouses, you name it. It’s how Air BnB use to be before they regulated the pricing. Try it!

This is for the tight budget, high impact traveler. The deals you can get here are unbelievable. Check back often for their express deals. For example, one express offer this week is a night in Vegas for $15 at a four-star hotel. Other deals include a blind room assignment where you choose how luxurious you’d like your room to be and the area you’d like to be in, and a hotel room is assigned to you. Save hundreds with that trick. The last tip for this website is the option to bid for a room. This is what Priceline became famous for and it’s as if everyone has forgotten about it. Just provide the location, luxury level, and price you’d like to pay and submit your offer. There’s really no better way to secure a deal you can be happy about.  If you just do a little research, you’ll be surprised at what everyone is missing out on.


Paradice is at your fingertips. The research has been done for you. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve found on these sites, just don’t forget your essential travel items on your next trip. There’s nothing more exciting than getting a dream vacation at the price YOU want to pay.

Surprise us with your travel secrets! Have you ever been blown away by a travel deal? Tell us about it.

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